La Fibromyalgie

Comme expliqué ci dessous en anglais, la fibromyalgie est un mal qui touche beaucoup de patients qui n'ont souvent pas de réponse pour corriger leurs souffrances lancinantes au niveau des articulations.

La chiropractie et spécialement ma méthode est une aide très précieuse pour les patients souffrant de fibromyalgie.


Research from a 2014 medical journal called Rehab Research and Practice found a direct link between the severity of fibromyalgia pain and the health and function of the spine.

The study proposed to evaluate the effects of one session of a spinal adjustment on autonomic nervous system function and pain in a group of fibromyalgia sufferers.

The findings significantly support continue education about the benefits of Chiropractic.

The adjustment effectively improved pain, sleep quality, depression, mood, and other fibromyalgia-related symptoms.

One treatment per week for twenty-three consecutive weeks decreased pain and positively influenced components relating to chronic illness and functional health capacity.

This particular study shows the positive influence of a spinal adjustment on patients suffering from a condition that has no cure.

The human spine, brain, and autonomic nervous system intimately connect in a powerful union able to produce optimal health better than any drugs or surgery.

Chiropractors do not treat or cure specific conditions, but remove interference to the brain and nervous system by improving the integrity and movement of the spine.

A nervous system that freely communicates within the body produces health care unlike any ingested substance.

Research continues to help the public understand the benefits and positive results that result when a healthy spine is maintained through regular Chiropractic care


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